Griffin Hayter

Photography, Writing, & More

My name is Griffin Hayter. I am a photographer, amateur writer, and otherwise creative jack-of-all-trades. My photography work includes primarily portraiture, nature, and equestrian photography. My nature photos focus largely on the Lower-Mainland in British Columbia. I was born in this beautiful part of the world, and enjoy capturing and sharing it with others. I've studied music and writing in the past, and I am focusing my current studies on photography and other Fine Arts.


I have a strong interest in technology, particularly with regards to iOS and iPadOS and their emergence as new and unique platforms for creative professionals. I do the majority of my photo editing, writing, and other work on an iPad Pro, and a good portion of my day-to-day photography is done with an iPhone 12 Pro Max. While my primary tool for photography is my Sony alpha camera, iOS and software like Halide, Spectre, Lightroom, Darkroom, and Pixelmator play an integral role in my work.

Honeygarlic Software Ltd.

I work as the Customer Experience Artisan for Honeygarlic Software ltd., a mobile software development company. Honeygarlic Software ltd. focuses on making iOS and Android agenda apps for schools across Canada. My work spans from communicating with school administrators on how to use the software, to taking product photos and giving design advice.